Warszawa, Wilanów, Łukasza Drewny eurovilla-lokal-do-wynajecia-wilanow-powsin-675717201-1
Warszawa, Wilanów, Łukasza Drewny eurovilla-lokal-do-wynajecia-wilanow-powsin-675717201-2
Warszawa, Wilanów, Łukasza Drewny eurovilla-lokal-do-wynajecia-wilanow-powsin-675717201-3
Warszawa, Wilanów, Łukasza Drewny eurovilla-lokal-do-wynajecia-wilanow-powsin-675717201-4
Warszawa, Wilanów, Łukasza Drewny eurovilla-lokal-do-wynajecia-wilanow-powsin-675717201-5
Warszawa, Wilanów, Łukasza Drewny eurovilla-lokal-do-wynajecia-wilanow-powsin-675717201-6
Warszawa, Wilanów, Łukasza Drewny eurovilla-lokal-do-wynajecia-wilanow-powsin-675717201-7
Warszawa, Wilanów, Łukasza Drewny eurovilla-lokal-do-wynajecia-wilanow-powsin-675717201-8
Warszawa, Wilanów, Łukasza Drewny eurovilla-lokal-do-wynajecia-wilanow-powsin-675717201-9
Warszawa, Wilanów, Łukasza Drewny eurovilla-lokal-do-wynajecia-wilanow-powsin-675717201-10
Warszawa, Wilanów, Łukasza Drewny eurovilla-lokal-do-wynajecia-wilanow-powsin-675717201-11

Large Parking, Fitness, Office, Company Headquarters

Warsaw, Wilanów, Łukasz Drewna

14 365 PLN
211.65 m2
nr 675717201
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EUROVILLA presents space for rent in a new building commercial of a high standard located in Wilanów for rent next to the main thoroughfare between Wilanów and Konstancin.


The property is located in a green, developing part of Wilanów with convenient access to the city center. It presents the highest standard, which is characteristic of the entire Wilanów district. Nearby green areas, bicycle paths, sports facilities and parks. The area provides ideal conditions for relaxation and distance from the hustle and bustle of the city.


The building was built and finished to a high standard with a representative lobby, reception and lifts. The facility is situated on a large plot with a parking lot for 35 cars. The building complies with all applicable standards and regulations for office, retail and service facilities. The high standard of finishing of common areas, toilets and bathrooms. All rooms are air-conditioned, you can arrange your own room layout. 


- lobbies (64 m2 and 36 m2) with sanitary rooms (30 m2) - 2 toilets and 2 shared bathrooms
- office room with an area of ​​211,65 m2, height 3,60m


The rent for office space is PLN 55 / m2 net and for common parts: PLN 40 / m2. Other costs are maintenance fees for common and office parts PLN 17 / m2 net. PLN 150 net for a parking space.

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