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Warszawa, Mokotów, Biały Kamień eurovilla-lokal-na-sprzedaz-mokotow-951969-10

investment property with a tenant

Warsaw, Mokotów, and Biały Kamień

1 650 000 PLN
135.00 m2
nr 951969
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EUROVILLA presents a commercial unit with an area of ​​135 m2 in a very attractive location in Warsaw, next to a newly built housing estate.


Property currently functions as a nursery. A thriving business with a permanent group of children attending regularly. The restaurant is finished to a standard that meets the requirements all the requirements for running a profile of this type of activity.


Premises adapted to the profile of the activities currently conducted there. Two large playrooms for children, kitchen and sanitary facilities. Additionally, utility rooms. Necessary security, sanitary conditions, proven staff. Responsible, well-functioning Tenant. It expresses the will to stay in the current place, also a very good investment offer.


There is a private kindergarten in the immediate vicinity. This is a great advantage for parents who can continue caring for their children up to school age in the same place.

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